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Scarlett Erskine Jewellery

Bangles - Multiple Designs

£70.00 - £200.00 On sale
Bangles  - Multiple Designs
  • Bangles  - Multiple Designs

Silver textured bangle -

Image 1- Melt Texture - half textured half smooth - ONE OFF - one in stock
62cm diameter (can be sized)

Hammer finish full texture bangle
around 65mm diameter (medium)
Made to order 2-3weeks

Image 2 - Hammer Finish Textured Cuff - adjustable
Made to order 2-3weeks

Bangles come in standard medium size if you would like a certain size please state at checkout.
In stock orders will be posted out as soon as possible this can take up to a week. Please note the date you are looking to have the piece delivered by.